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Corporate Law Practice

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As a Corporate Lawyer:

  • We are a specialized firm focusing exclusively on divorce and family

  • We are aiming to bring best results for customers as soon as possible

  • We leverage the robust legal expertise of working in different courts

The United States Corporate & Business Laws are complex. There are numerous Federal Agencies involved requiring strict compliance to the complex corporate/business rules.
The design and implementation of an effective corporate program is important for any size of organizations. The services of knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel are required to assist an organization. The types of compliance programs and policies that may be appropriate for a particular organization will vary according to an organization’s size and complexity of operations.
“Doing this yourself” is not advisable. Qualified and comprehensive legal advice at the right time will protect organizations valuable business interests and assets.
Our Corporate Practice includes:

Corporate Strategy

The Law Office of Deborah Marsh will help you with the several important components of corporate strategy. This includes:

Phase 1 - Growth Phase

Phase 2 - Stabilization Phase

Phase 3 - Expansion Phase

Global Reach

Community Engagement

We help optimize all of the above factors, an organization can hopefully create a portfolio of businesses that is worth more than just the sum of the parts.

Legal Service Offering

The Law Office of Deborah A. Marsh is authorized and we are experienced with the regulatory and legislative landscape that heavily impact business planning. This includes:

Mergers and Acquisitions

Contract Negotiation and Dispute Management

Business Operations

Operations and Compliance

Governance and Executive Advisory

Our expert counsels utilize their extensive understanding of business, mastery of law, and courtroom experience to deliver to best possible results to each and every client we service.

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